🎈 That the uberization, precariousness and labor subordination through mobile applications is a threat to the life, labor rights and health of the workers is something that many of us already knew. It is with the figure of "false self-employed" that the company dominates the working conditions of the salaried person.

⚖️ This reality is so unappealable that even the Supreme Court, in a 41-page sentence, surgically breaks it down: “It is a company [Glovo] that provides delivery and courier services, setting the price and payment conditions for the service, as well as as the essential conditions for the provision of said service", "is the owner of the essential assets for the performance of the activity" and "uses distributors who do not have their own and autonomous business organization, who provide their service inserted in the employer's work organization, subject to the management and organization of the platform”.

📬 In this newsletter we give a voice to riders who stopped transporting food for multinationals and have formed cooperatives; Las Kellys (the "ke cleaners") who have had enough of charging € 2.30 per hotel room and are going to create their own reservation center with job guarantees; and the taxi driver families who continue to face the uberization of their lives on the street and in the courts. In summer it is warm and the fight continues.

🚖 #TheTaxiFightsBack

🚖 We already know that the multinational companies of the platform economy directly affect our daily life and labor rights, housing, public services... From this association and from the fight of the taxi in general, it has been shown that they can be stopped.

💪 Their struggle is that of many other groups that defend public services and related social rights: Marea Pensionista, Cocacola En Lucha, Trabajadores de Titanlux, Marea K, Marea Blanca, Las Kellys, Tècnics En Lluita-Transport Sanitari, Riders por Derechos, Organización Estibadores Portuarios de Barcelona (OEPB), Sindicat de Llogaters, NOalTTIP, No + Precariedad...

💧 This Goteo should help finance the legal actions necessary to fight against intrusion and attacks from platform companies in the transportation sector. Join the Taxi Resistance Box atgoteo.cc/eltaxisedefiende.


💚 Can you imagine booking your next hotel room directly with the people who are in charge of cleaning it?

✊ With this campaign we are going to develop a Reservation Center linked to the Fair Work and Quality Seal where you can reserve your rooms directly with them in the Hotels where they have a union presence and can ensure, with total certainty, that the rights of the workers and there is no exploitation.

😊 Support us to achieve no outsourcing or subcontracting, equal pay between men and women, as well as hiring people who are part of vulnerable groups. Let us put human interests before commercial ones all over the planet by collaborating in goteo.cc/laskellys.

🤗 DialoGoteo #GlovoExploits

🤗 With a "Good afternoon riders!" We welcomed three intrepid collectives of home delivery drivers. Without knowing it, we had already hit a very special key on the plane of platform cooperatives, neo-capitalist language and class consciousness in the sector. We wouldn't find out until much later and with a good laugh. Can you come with us?

🚴 If you also believe that in the fight and objective of making visible the problems of the uberization of the service sector, both at a social and labor level, this meeting will enchant you. Innovation, self-organization and labor rights can go hand in hand to be perfectly viable. Nuri, Aitor and Martino tell us about it.

♥ ️ Listen to them in Los Glovos Explotan what you will find in our blog.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!