Yuwa at Donosti Cup

San sebastian, Jharkhand
Finished 06 / 07 / 2013
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€ 8.000
€ 12.000
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About this project

Soccer as support of the development and emancipation of girls in India.
Task Minimum Optimum
Transport from India to San Sebastian/Donostia
Plane flights, visas and passports, and public transport needed to get to the airport. This is for the minimum amount of girls to come in order to play the tournament.
€ 8.000
Visa, passport and cost for more people in the team.
Plane tickets, visas and passports for other Yuwa players (18) for them to be able to come to the tournament.
€ 4.000
Total € 8.000 € 12.000

General information

Yuwa is a 5 year old organization based in Jharkhand, that trains and supports the creation and development of girl soccer teams between the ages of 5-17. They use sport in for getting away from kid marriages, human trafficking and illiteracy.

The DonostiCup is an international Soccer Tournament that is yearly hosted in San Sebastián during the first week of July. The goal is to promote sport and cultural exchange among youngsters all around the world. Much more than soccer games happen during that week, there are activities that support values such as solidarity, coexistence and integration.

We are a group of young people who, after meeting the Yuwa girls last year in India, hasn´t stop fighting for them to be able to make it to the DonostiCup and have a chance that will, most likelly, change their lifes forever.


Because we believe that Yuwa is doing an incredible job in Jharkhand. Because we want the girls to have the opportunity of taking their develpment a step further by getting in touch with other girls from other places in the world. Because we want them to be an inspiration and role models in their community. Because we want to help the change for much more girls in India. And because we want these girls to look at the world and for the world to look at these girls.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

Jharkhand is an Indian state create on November 15th 2000 from the territories that belong to the southern area of the state of Bihar. To be a woman in Jharhand is a discriminatory factor. They have less access to education and a lot of the girls are kept home for house duties. The average age for marrying them is 14, which narrows, if not extinguish, the chances for the girls to follow a proper educational process, leave alone, awareness and understandment of their own bodies and minds for creating a healthy and sustainable family. If not, it is quite easy for them to fall into the hands of sexual exploitation (Jharkhand is the capital of human trafficking in India). Taking into account the problems and the needs of the girls in the area, this project builds a bridge between sport and values that can be learnt through it: team work, respect towards oneself and towards the rest of the people, responsibility...; and the elemental education of the girls. This is the way Yuwa has chosen to fight illiteracy and supporting the girls to develop their education and knowledge leading towards building a healthy and sustainable family in the future. How do they do it? Through the program that Yuwa enables, the gilrs create a community where everyone is responsible for everyone, making freedom and responsibility the base of the development. From the beginning the players are in charge of their own program; they find their own fields, buy their equipment and establish their own practice timetable. When a girl joins or organizes a Yuwa-team, through the positive pressure that exists in the environment, she becomes a more committed student. The players themselves chose team captains, whose responsibility is to make a follow up of the school attendance of the girls in the team and, have also the opportunity to attend daily sessions at Yuwa-Club. Girls learn to pay attention to their own health and to the health of the rest of the team. They take weekly classes on health and have access to information. Yuwa also helps girls to not become victims of kid marriages. Every time a family wants to marry a Yuwa player, the coaches meet their families and talk to them in order to make them realize how important is for the girls to live their childhood and early teens, to be educated and only after, be married. With all this knowledge they have access to and learn through sharing Yuwa experiences with their team mates, the girls will be able to pursue their dreams and have a family where this values are implemented and the rights spoken up, becoming an example for the rest of the community. DonostiCup has already invited the team to join the tournament this july 2013, which means that all the costs of the tournament are covered for them. For these girls to be able to join this experience, we need to cover the transport costs of the team from India to Spain and back. This involves flights and passports and visas of between 15 and 20 young ladies.

Why this is important

"The little BIG things"

The direct impact relays on the 15 to 20 Yuwa girls that will be playing the tournament. But it goes way further than that. This is an example of hope, of support and a door to possibilities. It is a way for the girls to feel valuable and valued both in their families and the communities, the way of making people proud of this young women. They are to become role models for thousands of girls back in their village and beyond that will be an inspiration for the ones to come, of team and hard work.

This project is for those who want to help this young ladies to make a dream come true. To those who strongly believe that equality on gender is a feeling all women should have no matter the culture or the country. And who are on for the fight towards human freedom and self ownership of ones life, present and future.

"Whoever educates a man educates an individual. Whoever educates a woman educates a whole community." Mahatma Gandhi

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

  • Gather up funding for the girls trip to DonostiCup.
  • Support the girls in a further step towards their development by getting them in touch with people from different cultures and countries around the globe.
  • Encourage the girls to keep playing soccer and to set an example for their colleagues back in India.
  • Make people in Jharkhand aware of the importance of what Yuwa is developing.
  • Give visibility to Yuwa and the players.
  • If the quantity of money is overachieves, it will be invested on schooling and sportive material.

Team and experience

Everything started in the trip to India that we took with taZEBAez on April-May 2012. We had the chance to run into Franz (the co-founder of Yuwa) during out tour through the Dharavi Slum in Mumbai. He told us about Yuwa in Jarkhand and how they were tracking a new team base in Dharavi. We met the team there, Franz and two other Jharkhand young coaches were the head of the action.

We got an invitation to join the girls in their very first practice, at 6 in the morning to avoid the heat in a sand-dry-mud field in the middle of the Slum. We had the chance to interview and talk with the girls, the coaches and the social entrepreneur who had the idea.

taZEBAez, is the promoting team behind the action of bringing the girls to DonostiCup. It is a team company created 4 years ago inside LEINN degree (Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation degree), that is part of the entrepreneurial Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) unit inside de Mondragon University. We work in educational projects and innpulsory within the Basque Country and around the world. We are a 12 entrepreneur team from the ages between 22 and 26, dreamers, active and believers, whiling to make the world a better place through empowering people on change.

The Yuwa initiative is supported by the whole team, but as for the action to be focused and to create the sense of responsibility there are three people making it happen:

Ana Aguirre (San Sebastián, 1991): Teampreneur in the Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation first generation and part of the Team Coaching Master Program (TMI), has studied in various countries where she has gathered up experience in team learning and working. Co-Founder of taZEBAez along with 12 people, has been working in various projects all over the world.

Ainhoa Esnaola (Beasain, 1991): Teampreneur and first generation at Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation and also co-founder of taZEBAez, is now taking the International Master in Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation (MINN) She has worked in various projects creating intrapreneurial teams and educational programs, as well as promoting cultural events.

Joanes Rodriguez (Elgoibar, 1987): Has a diploma in Tourism and is part, as the previous two, of the first generation of Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation degree as well as co-founder of taZEBAez. He shares team with Ainhoa in the International Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation Master. He has collaborated in projects as designer and strategical thinker, as well as cultural and sportive event promotor.

As we are aware that co-creating makes us stronger, there are two individuals from outside taZEBAez in this promoting team:

Maider Idiazabal (Errenteria, 1987): Graduated in Audiovisual Communication. For two years now working in Madrid where she has been part of several projects on audiovisuals, working in production, camera team and directing, as well as leading various projects communication.

Jaione Cia (Errenteria, 1987): Graduated in Advertisement and Public Relations, passionate of social actions (inter-culturality, gender, accessibility, cooperation and development), and in newer and different ways of communicating.

We may as well not forget Franz Gastler, the contact person in India and Co-Founder of Yuwa:

Franz was raised in Edina, MN. Has lived In India for five years now - out of which four have been in a tribal town on Jharkhand. He is graduated and has a Master Degree in International Political Economy, through the University Professors Program of the Boston University and has different titles on Negotiation and Mediation from the Harvard Law School´s Business Program. He was an intern in the Finance Ministry in Bogotá, Colombia, and has been working as a consultant for the Indian Industry Confederation, the biggest enterprise lobby in India, where he worked with the corporative executives on social strategies. He was formed in the USA Olympic Training Center in judo, ice hockey, has played as goal keeper and he is also a down heel ski teacher since two years ago.

Social commitment