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The Art Lover

Show your support with a small, simple donation and we will thank you on our dedicated patrons page.

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Have a drink with us!

Keep our gallery thriving and reward yourself with a tea or coffee in your very own VanGoYourself mug, beautifully printed with our logo.

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Sponsor a painting

Help us to add another fabulous painting to VanGoYourself so that more people can discover the amazing collections inside museums and galleries.
We will contact you to let you know which painting you have sponsored and you will see your name credited on the paintings page of our site. You can then check back regularly, at any time, to see how your painting is doing and look at any recreations made.

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The VanGoYourself SuperFan

Get everything in one beautiful package for a special price.


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The Cosmopolitain

Support us to release paintings from more countries. Your donation will allow us to build an exciting set of images from a range of countries and collections across Europe. Tell us which countries you would like to see represented on VanGoYourself and we will focus our efforts in that direction. We will contact you to let you know which set of paintings we have added and your name will be credited alongside ALL the paintings added as a result of your donation.

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Your very own Pop-Up VanGoYourself event

Have your own exclusive pop-up VanGoYourself event, designed to take place for you and your friends or colleagues in Brighton, Barcelona or Berlin.

On an afternoon of your choice, members of the VanGoYourself team will arrange everything for you to recreate a famous painting in a fabulous historic location in one of the three cities. We will bring all the props and costumes, take all the pictures, do all the organising and bring the drinks and snacks! All you need to do is turn up with your group, have fun and create your own art.

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Putting your company in the picture

VanGoYourself and your team at your next staff meeting, conference or party. We will help you by providing top tips and ideas on how to make your recreation fun for everyone and get the best result for your team. We will feature your re-enactment in our VanGo’d gallery and credit your company with a logo and link to your website so everyone knows how much you love the arts.

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Sponsor VanGoYourself

Is your business looking to support the arts? Do you believe in the power of art to transform lives? Do you want to be associated with a fun, friendly, creative art project that is transforming the way people connect to culture? This is a unique, one-off opportunity to become the VanGoYourself headline sponsor and get your company logo on our site and all our associated communications with both the public and our community of hundreds of museums and galleries across Europe.

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You did it!

04 | 08 | 2015

A huge thank you to all our supporters and the International University of Andalucia whose kind pledges made sure we raised a total of €5,365. 

We will now be able to extend the reach and build upon the success of VanGoYourself. Because of your generosity, we are already helping more museums stage their first live VanGoYourself events and are casting our net far and wide to make sure more of the world’s fantastic collections are represented.Watch this space and keep VanGoing!


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